This post was originally published two years ago.  The importance of lead conversion for law firms has never been greater, so we’ve updated the post:

4 Ways to Win More ClientsEvery lawyer knows what it’s like to pursue a prospect and then have that live lead go dead. Maybe they chose another firm. Maybe they thought they could handle it

A 5-Step Process for Taking Potential Clients from “Why” to “Buy”For years, doctors have been complaining about patients who self-diagnose via the Internet. Because so many potential clients are searching the Internet for legal services and consulting with others on social media, lawyers are facing this same problem.

This means that law firms must pay more attention than ever before to the lead conversion process,

6 Steps to Find More Clients & Close More BusinessProbably the #1 ask I get from attorneys is to help them find more clients.

Of course, finding new clients is a process, comprised of many steps that you need to master before you reach the ultimate reward: a paying client.

You must also understand the ways you can influence prospects throughout the process so