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How to Avoid Inadvertently Breaking the Law When Marketing Your Law Firm OnlineThe last thing your law firm wants to do when conducting marketing activities online is to inadvertently break the law. Not only would it be embarrassing, it can also result in some pretty unpleasant consequences like sanctions and monetary fines.

Beyond knowing your state bar and ABA regulations governing attorney advertising online, you also need

Google loves speed. The faster a web page loads, the greater the user satisfaction. In fact, Google measures page speed load in microseconds and believes it is especially important on mobile devices when consumers are searching “in the moment” and will not tolerate slow loading times.

You see, research has shown that most consumers expect

I have worked with over 18,000 attorneys and have seen just about every kind of law firm website there is. Some are great, many are good, and unfortunately, there are some that are really bad. As you can imagine, the attorneys who have the bad websites are the ones who think online marketing is a

7 Essential Elements of a Great Law Firm WebsiteBy now, you surely know that prospects are checking you out online and one of the first places they will go to is your law firm website. Be sure to check your site for these features – having them incorporated into your site can double your Internet and website leads:

#1:  Onsite optimization. If you