Internet Marketing for Lawyers

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How to Avoid Inadvertently Breaking the Law When Marketing Your Law Firm OnlineThe last thing your law firm wants to do when conducting marketing activities online is to inadvertently break the law. Not only would it be embarrassing, it can also result in some pretty unpleasant consequences like sanctions and monetary fines.

Beyond knowing your state bar and ABA regulations governing attorney advertising online, you also need

7 Scary Slip-ups Lawyers Need to AvoidIn honor of Halloween, here are 7 scary slip-ups that lawyers need to avoid.

Just make sure you’re not committing them, or you could put your practice in the grave!

  1. Not realizing you are running a business. You may have studied the law, but you are running a business.  And to be successful, client development

The two largest search engines, Google and Bing, have confirmed that social media signals are being taken into account when it comes to ranking pages and content. 

Links shared via social media platforms – the most popular being Facebook and Twitter – can have a dramatic impact on your law firm marketing SEO efforts as