A Blueprint for Building a Successful Law Firm in 2017There are certain similarities that successful law firms have that unsuccessful ones don’t.  I call them habits, since they must be deeply ingrained in an organization to bear full fruit.

A few years ago, Forrester Research — a global business research and advisory firm — studied the successful habits of small businesses, and it is

How to Give Your Law Firm the Gift of Great PeopleOne gift that never stops giving is having great people. Having Superstars at every level of your law firm is the one thing that can truly differentiate your from your competition and keep clients coming in the door.

Unfortunately, I hear from many attorneys that finding and keeping good people is a major challenge when

7 Scary Slip-ups Lawyers Need to AvoidIn honor of Halloween, here are 7 scary slip-ups that lawyers need to avoid.

Just make sure you’re not committing them, or you could put your practice in the grave!

  1. Not realizing you are running a business. You may have studied the law, but you are running a business.  And to be successful, client development

7 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm’s Cash FlowRecent LexisNexis research showed that 73% of small law firms have past due accounts, which is a killer for cash flow. In that survey, attorneys admitted to something we all know is true: lawyers hate asking clients for money. They find it embarrassing, distasteful, even greedy, but I don’t know any lawyers who find money