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Webinar Wednesday 1/11: How to Develop Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Are you still wondering why a law firm marketing plan is a necessity? I can think of 8 good reasons: A marketing plan increases your chances of survival over the long haul. A solid, well-planned guide keeps you from making serious mistakes that can quickly sink your business. A marketing plan provides structure. Creating a solid business plan… Continue Reading

Is Your Law Firm the Victim of a Crime?

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
The biggest crime happening in law firms today often goes unnoticed. It is not reported in the media. There are no police reports filed, people don’t talk about it on the street and partners often overlook it. Even though this crime is rampant, its presence is so subtle that many attorneys fail to recognize when… Continue Reading

The Decline of BigLaw: Good News for Smaller Firms?

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Larry Bodine, the former editor of, recently spoke with editor-in-chief Cindy Greenway, about a LexisNexis/Counsellink research report, Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report that he says contains good news for small law firms:  The takeaway from this is that there is now some quantifiable research that shows law firms with less than 50 lawyers… Continue Reading

Law Firm Goal-Setting for 2014

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
One secret of highly successful attorneys is that they make time to plan for the future. December is the perfect time to evaluate achievements, set new goals and work on your law firm marketing plan. Here are some of the areas for you to focus on: Financial goals for your business –Don’t just focus on… Continue Reading

Improve Email Click-Through Rates with Social Share Buttons

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
A new study from GetResponse shows that emails including social share buttons have a click-through rate (CTR) that is 158% higher than those that do not.  This infographic illustrates the results from the new GetResponse survey: While the evidence clearly shows a propensity for email recipients to share on social networks, the GetResponse study says… Continue Reading

The Rise of Alternative Fee Arrangements

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
This post at sheds light on a hot topic right now: the legal billing system and the rise of alternative fee arrangements: Law firms are under increasing pressure from clients to reduce costs and justify expenditures, and alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are rising to the challenge. While AFAs aren’t exactly a new concept to… Continue Reading