Law Firm Marketing Plan

Larry Bodine, the former editor of, recently spoke with editor-in-chief Cindy Greenway, about a LexisNexis/Counsellink research report, Enterprise Legal Management Trends Report that he says contains good news for small law firms:


 The takeaway from this is that there is now some quantifiable research that shows law firms with less than 50

One secret of highly successful attorneys is that they make time to plan for the future. December is the perfect time to evaluate achievements, set new goals and work on your law firm marketing plan.

Here are some of the areas for you to focus on:

Financial goals for your business –Don’t just focus on

When it comes to marketing your law firm on Facebook, sharing is not just a good thing, it’s the key to making this social media network work for your practice.

So how do you get more shares? This infographic does a good job of aggregating the latest tips on how to get your followers on Facebook