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Partner Demotions Demonstrate Need for Lawyers to Hone Their Rainmaker SkillsAn article in yesterday’s New York Times chronicled the continuing struggle big law firms are having in coming to terms with today’s legal services delivery reality. Their response has been to demote or even jettison partners, reducing salaries and cutting some out of annual profit distributions.

The latest large firm to announce its “revamp” is

5 Steps for Outsourcing Your Marketing EffortsA growing number of law firms are finally recognizing what non-legal companies have known for decades: to build a financially successful business, you must focus on your core competencies and either delegate or outsource the rest of your business functions.

There are many law firm marketing tasks that you can and should delegate or outsource

How to Rediscover Your Love for the LawHere’s what I’ve found to be true: To love what you do, you need to derive your satisfaction from the satisfaction your clients get from your work. I don’t think I’ve ever met a lawyer that loves the mechanics of the law; most of the successful attorneys I know love what they are able to