Good website design is based on a number of factors, many of which have to do with taking into account the human factor since you are, obviously, building a site to be viewed by humans.  And most humans:

  • Don’t want to wait for a page to load
  • React differently to different color schemes
  • Scan a

While most of our clients would rather watch paint dry than delve into all the information out there on Google’s algorithm, I do know a few attorneys who love to dig into the technical details to understand what will help their websites earn that all-important first page search ranking.  So this post is for them.

There are 10 Google Analytics categories you should be reviewing to judge how effectively your website or blog is performing against your marketing objectives.  Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and details on visitors that you can use to see what is working on your site and, more importantly, what’s not.  Plus