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Finding Solutions to Your Law Firm’s Most Challenging Problems

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Rainmaker Mastermind Group
Imagine what it would be like to have skilled and focused law firm partners helping you find solutions to the most challenging questions and issues in your practice. You would get many lives of experience, resources, education and insight from which to draw. There are few things as powerful. This is what membership in the… Continue Reading

10 Tips to Balance Your Life & the Law

Posted in Law Firm Management
If you are unhappy in your law practice, every molehill becomes a mountain that you dread climbing. The fact is, you will not create a successful law practice if you’re just in it for the financial rewards. What happy attorneys have in common is, first and foremost, a heartfelt dedication to serving their clients that… Continue Reading

A Peek at the Future of Law

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Management
“The competition that kills you doesn’t always look like you.” Those are the words of Richard Susskind OBE — British author, speaker and independent adviser to professional firms and governments around the world — who has long been focused on the future of professional service and, in particular, the way that technology and the Internet… Continue Reading

Listen and Learn How to Move from a Job to a Law Practice to Building a Business

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Marketing
Many attorneys in small law firms continue to struggle year after year, finding just enough clients to keep them busy, but are never able to move their practice up to the next level. There are 29 million American small businesses today.  Less than 10% of them will ever break the $1 million revenue mark.  Fewer… Continue Reading

Law Degree No Longer a Prerequisite for Practicing Some Kinds of Law in Washington State

Posted in Law Firm Development
Washington state’s new “limited license legal technician” program was profiled last Friday in a Washington Post piece that posed the question, “Who says you need a law degree to practice law?” The article called the program an “ambitious experiment to revolutionize access to legal services, particularly among the poor.” Participants in the program take a… Continue Reading

Successful law firm marketing requires measurement and training

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Earlier, I posted some information from Richard Strauch, COO at The Rainmaker Institute about creating a strong law firm marketing plan.  This post continues that discussion with some thoughts on measuring the effectiveness of your legal marketing strategies. There is an old business maxim that applies here – what gets measured gets done. First, develop… Continue Reading

Rainmaker Retreats are just around the corner

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
The next group of Rainmaker Retreats are just around the corner.  These information-packed law firm marketing seminars are designed to give small firm and solo attorneys the information they need to go back and develop legal marketing strategies that will allow them to build the type of practice they have always wanted.  The information presented… Continue Reading

Bringing a systems approach to your law firm marketing and legal practice

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Allow me to introduce Rich Strauch to you.  Rich is the Chief Operating Officer here at The Rainmaker Institute, and he brings a great deal of experience with small and medium-sized companies helping them recognize the systems that they need to implement or improve to help them achieve their business objectives. Rich has identified several… Continue Reading

Rainmaker Retreat bring law firm marketing expertise to New Jersey

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Last November I made a series of presentations of our extremely popular “Becoming A Rainmaker” seminar in conjunction with several bar associations in New Jersey.  These seminars whetted the appetite of attorneys for proven law firm marketing advice that they can easily incorporate into their legal marketing strategy. That thirst for law firm marketing information… Continue Reading

Identifying Your Target Market Is Your First Secret To Becoming A Successful Business Owner

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
I would like to start by asking a somewhat provocative question, “How would you run your business differently if you saw yourself as the leader of your company not just the service provider? Over the last few years I have interviewed more than 300 entrepreneurs, small business owners and legal marketing professionals and discovered specific… Continue Reading

Rainmaker Retreats on the horizon

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
The first Rainmaker Retreat of 2010 is just around the corner on March 19.  There is so much law firm marketing information shared during a Rainmaker Retreat that I cannot do it justice in a blog post.  But I can share with you some of the testimonials received from attorneys who have attended previous Rainmaker… Continue Reading

Grand Slam or Foul Ball? State Bar of Arizona Law Firm Marketing Event Will Improve Your Swing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
March 6 I will be a panelist during the State Bar of Arizona’s Grand Slam or Foul Ball… Social Networking for Lawyers seminar to be held in conjunction with the State Bar of California in Scottsdale, AZ.  The seminar features five nationally-recognized experts in the field of social media, specifically those with expertise in the… Continue Reading