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How to Increase Your Law Firm Website’s Lead Generation Capability

Posted in Law Firm Websites, Lead Generation for Law Firms
Is your website operating to maximum efficiency for lead generation? Do people who come to your site stay or do they jump off after the home page? Do you know what your “bounce rate” is? If someone visits only one page on your site and then leaves, that’s a “bounce”. They haven’t found what they are looking… Continue Reading

How Attorneys Can Harness the Power of These Top 3 Lead Generation Tools

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Lead Conversion
A 2014 lead generation benchmark report by marketing research firm Ascend2 and Research Partners surveyed 50,000 U.S. and international marketing leaders about the most effective tactics these companies use to generate leads. Representing a wide range of company types, sizes and locations, the top 3 in order of success were: #1:  Email marketing #2:  Content… Continue Reading

How to Use Local Search for Leads

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers, Law Firm Marketing
Former House speaker Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics are local,” meaning that a politician’s success is directly tied to his or her ability to appeal to the concerns of their local constituency.   And the same can be said for law firm marketing:  local influence is key to obtaining qualified leads. To realize the importance… Continue Reading

Learn How to Turn Contacts Into Contracts at Free Webinar on Nov. 18

Posted in Law Firm Development
Successful rainmakers have certain characteristics and habits in common that propel them to higher levels of success. As Booker T. Washington famously said, “Success always leaves footprints!” Join me and KLA Marketing Associates Principal Kimberly Alford Rice for the free Top 10 Habits of Successful Rainmakers: Turning Contacts Into Contracts webinar on Tuesday, November 18… Continue Reading

Money Talks So Prospects Don’t Walk

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Here’s a subject that makes lawyers nervous:  paying a bonus to intake personnel for decreasing your no-show rate.  Many of you think you can’t do that, but you are wrong.  You can and you should. Any time you do a performance bonus incentive plan, it has to meet two criteria: 1.  It has to make… Continue Reading

The Top 3 Successful Lead Generation Tactics Every Law Firm Needs to Implement Now

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
A recent lead generation benchmark survey conducted by marketing research firm Ascend2 and Research Partners is worth paying attention to for the insights gathered from 50,000 U.S. and international marketing leaders representing a wide range of company types, sizes and locations. That is what is known as a statistically significant survey.  When queried on the… Continue Reading

How to Perfect Your Ability to Persuade

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Whether we realize it or not, we spend a lot of time negotiating our way through life.  As an attorney, your ability to influence and persuade is critical, not only to prevail for your clients but to attract clients in the first place. My background in psychology makes me hypersensitive to the ways people make… Continue Reading