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How to Build a Lifestyle Law Firm, Part 5 of 7

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Are you satisfied with where your law practice is currently? What are your goals for 2013? Are you on track for accomplishing them? Marketing and business development are tools to help you reach your goals by attracting more referrals and increasing your revenues. However, marketing and business development take time and require a certain level… Continue Reading

If You Want to Say You’re a Great Lawyer in Florida, You Gotta Prove It

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Although today is April Fool’s Day, the latest ruling on lawyer advertising handed down by the Florida Supreme Court is no joke. Well, actually, it kinda is. But not in the way you’re thinking. Florida has long held the crown for some of the most convoluted and outdated advertising regulations for attorneys. So convoluted and outdated that… Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Easter Island was named by its first European visitor, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who landed on the island on Easter Sunday in 1722.  One of the most remote islands in the world, Easter Island is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and is most famous for its 887 monumental statues called moai, which were created… Continue Reading

The 5 Compelling Truths About Referrals

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Truth #1: People Make Referrals to Build Social Capital. Most people enjoy making referrals to their friends and associates as a way of building social capital. If you believe the way you practice law benefits your clients, then you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about having clients refer you to others who may benefit as well. Truth #2: Mitigating Risk is… Continue Reading

On Valentine’s & Every Other Day, We Love Lawsuits

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
I ran across this interesting infographic the other day that shows how much we as Americans love lawsuits: And because we love our readers, see our special offer below. Happy Valentine’s Day! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Get All the Law Firm Marketing Strategies You Need to Create A 7-figure Law Practice with Rainmaker In A Box: Volume 2! Newly… Continue Reading

Law Schools Forced to Rethink Programs After Applications Fall Dramatically

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
The media and the blogosphere are aflame with commentary on a New York Times article earlier this week that shows law school applications have declined by almost 50% over the past decade. According to the Times, several law schools are scrambling to reexamine their programs in the light of this new student drought. Maybe it took… Continue Reading

Creating the Lifestyle Law Firm: What Business Are You Really In?

Posted in Law Firm Development, Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
"What business are you in?" We all get asked this question a lot, and most attorneys would respond by saying, “I’m a lawyer” or “I practice (fill in the blank) law.”  But in actuality, you run a business. If you are not in business, you are not practicing law. And the success of your business lies in… Continue Reading

Legal Marketing: Florida Bar’s Proposed Online Ad Rules Bar Free Speech

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
That rumble you hear in Florida is not a typical summer thunderstorm, but a storm of protest from Florida attorneys regarding the Florida Bar’s proposed new online ad rules.  If you’re not aware: the new rules would ban online testimonials, summaries of case results and what the Bar terms “deceptive, misleading, manipulative or confusing” audio… Continue Reading

Law Firm Marketing In Action: BISNAR | CHASE Illustrates The Sixth Key to Becoming a Recognized Expert

Posted in Law Firm Marketing, Law Firm Websites
Sometimes the planets align perfectly to illustrate a point.  My 6th and final strategy for Becoming a Recognized Expert is Position Yourself as a Specialist, Not a Generalist.  And last night as I was preparing this, the perfect example fell into my lap. BISNAR | CHASE is one of the nation’s top ranked personal injury… Continue Reading