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Isn’t technology great? There are so many superb business management applications available today – many for free – that it is entirely possible for one to manage their business from a smartphone, freeing you up for more revenue-generating activities.

The infographic below from Entrepreneur details the top sellers in six critical business management categories — financial

Previously I addressed how vital your law firm marketing system is to the success of your legal marketing plan.  Your lead flow system is the next logical step in the systems you need to be successful.  If your law firm marketing system is working well, it should be producing a large number of lead opportunities

Spring is nature’s time of renewal.  The grey of winter is gone, the snow has melted and the landscape burst forth in a frenzy of blooms, colors and new growth. Spring is also when many people move their exercise programs outside to take in the sights and sounds of the birds that have returned.  It’s