10 Ways to be a Better -- and Happier -- LawyerMany people think that being a lawyer is a miserable way to make a living, but I see lots of happy lawyers all the time. What these attorneys have in common is, first and foremost, a heartfelt dedication to serving their clients that goes way beyond earning a paycheck.

If you are struggling for balance,

Spring is nature’s time of renewal.  The grey of winter is gone, the snow has melted and the landscape burst forth in a frenzy of blooms, colors and new growth. Spring is also when many people move their exercise programs outside to take in the sights and sounds of the birds that have returned.  It’s

Focusing On Services and Features Instead Of Benefits and Results in Law firm marketing

Marketing Mistake #6 is focusing on services and features rather than benefits and results. I came across law firm websites the other day that listed on their home page more than 20 different “packages, programs, and services” along