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Best Practices in Law Firm Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
In today’s hyper-competitive legal services marketplace, it is not enough to be smart or even to do a great job for your clients. You must find a way of differentiating yourself and your firm so that prospective clients have a reason to choose you over your competitors. And everyone who works in your firm must… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Inadvertently Breaking the Law When Marketing Your Law Firm Online

Posted in Internet Marketing for Lawyers, Law Firm Marketing
The last thing your law firm wants to do when conducting marketing activities online is to inadvertently break the law. Not only would it be embarrassing, it can also result in some pretty unpleasant consequences like sanctions and monetary fines. Beyond knowing your state bar and ABA regulations governing attorney advertising online, you also need… Continue Reading

Why Law Firms Fail at Marketing

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Why do so many attorneys fail at marketing their practices? It all comes down to one simple truth: with a product, the customer can see it, touch it, taste it or feel it. The senses combine to help the customer decide to make the purchase. But what does the customer have to go on when purchasing… Continue Reading

ABA Gives OK to Reviewing Jurors’ Internet Presence

Posted in Law Firm Development
In case you missed it, the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issued a formal opinion recently on attorney review of jurors’ Internet presence, concluding that: A lawyer may “passively” review a potential juror or juror’s public Internet presence, but cannot communicate with a juror.  Requesting access to a private area… Continue Reading

Successful law firm marketing requires measurement and training

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Earlier, I posted some information from Richard Strauch, COO at The Rainmaker Institute about creating a strong law firm marketing plan.  This post continues that discussion with some thoughts on measuring the effectiveness of your legal marketing strategies. There is an old business maxim that applies here – what gets measured gets done. First, develop… Continue Reading

“Mastering” Legal Marketing requires dedication, practice, and keeping your eye on the ball

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Today is the opening round of the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. There are a number of similarities between those who are successful at law firm marketing and those who are successful at winning one of the most prestigious events in golf. First, anyone who wants to be successful at golf, legal… Continue Reading

Rainmaker Retreats are just around the corner

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
The next group of Rainmaker Retreats are just around the corner.  These information-packed law firm marketing seminars are designed to give small firm and solo attorneys the information they need to go back and develop legal marketing strategies that will allow them to build the type of practice they have always wanted.  The information presented… Continue Reading

Bringing a systems approach to your law firm marketing and legal practice

Posted in Law Firm Marketing
Allow me to introduce Rich Strauch to you.  Rich is the Chief Operating Officer here at The Rainmaker Institute, and he brings a great deal of experience with small and medium-sized companies helping them recognize the systems that they need to implement or improve to help them achieve their business objectives. Rich has identified several… Continue Reading