How to Gift Yourself with More Referrals This Holiday SeasonThe holidays provide an excellent opportunity for attorneys to rededicate themselves to cultivating referrals for the upcoming year. Interestingly, many attorneys fall short when it comes to cultivating referral sources as part of their law firm marketing efforts.

Below are five proven steps you can take in your law firm marketing and referral strategy to

How to Find More Clients Through ReferralsThe top four sources of attorney referrals include:

1.Current and former clients

2. Other attorneys who do what you do (conflict work)

3. Non-competing attorneys

4. Non-attorney professionals

We’ve identified some of the top reasons why you are not getting more referrals:

Lack of education — you have not educated your referral sources on these

3 Ways to Reinvigorate Referral RelationshipsWhat have you done in the past three months to build relationships with potential referral partners?  Here are the three ways to help you develop strong referral relationships:

1.  Take An Active Role

There is an old saying that “to have a friend, you must first be a friend.” Don’t wait for someone to take