3 Steps to Keep Referrals Coming How do you continue to build relationships with referral sources when you are always crunched for time? Just like anything else that matters, you have to carve some time out for the things that are meaningful to you — and few things are more meaningful when it comes to building a profitable law practice than

How to Gift Yourself with More Referrals This Holiday SeasonThe holidays provide an excellent opportunity for attorneys to rededicate themselves to cultivating referrals for the upcoming year. Interestingly, many attorneys fall short when it comes to cultivating referral sources as part of their law firm marketing efforts.

Below are five proven steps you can take in your law firm marketing and referral strategy to

Asked & Answered: What Attorneys Need to Know About Referrals, Testimonials, Social Media, Online Marketing and MoreAt every Rainmaker Retreat – our two-day law firm marketing seminar – I answer a lot of questions that are top-of-mind for attorneys across the country. And it’s probably more than likely what is on the minds of those attorneys is on your mind as well.

I’ve compiled some of the most common questions from

How to Find More Clients Through ReferralsThe top four sources of attorney referrals include:

1.Current and former clients

2. Other attorneys who do what you do (conflict work)

3. Non-competing attorneys

4. Non-attorney professionals

We’ve identified some of the top reasons why you are not getting more referrals:

Lack of education — you have not educated your referral sources on these