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6 Winning Search Strategies for Law Firm MarketingLaw firms should take it as a given by now that online search plays a crucial role in business development, especially for B2C law firms. Consumers needing legal services will turn to the Internet first to research their options. Even when a friend has recommended an attorney, you can bet that referral is being researched

Industry-leading SEO services firm Searchmetrics releases a report every year that chronicles the ranking factors and correlations for producing higher rankings in Google search.  If you rely on organic search to produce leads for your law firm, understanding the factors that Google considers important in ranking sites for the type of law you practice is

Here’s an appropriate topic for Columbus Day:  how to get prospects to discover you.

There have been a number of law firm websites that have been affected by major Google algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird).  One attorney I was talking with recently said that after the last update, his business fell off a cliff

While most of our clients would rather watch paint dry than delve into all the information out there on Google’s algorithm, I do know a few attorneys who love to dig into the technical details to understand what will help their websites earn that all-important first page search ranking.  So this post is for them.