search engine optimization

Here’s a marketing strategy that can mean some real money in your pocket: increasing the online visibility for your law firm. Some tasks you should consider undertaking in an effort to improve your online visibility include:

Review your website – approach your website as a client would and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the design appealing and

If you’re an estate planning attorney in Chicago, chances are you’re not looking for clients in Phoenix. You are, as are most attorneys, a local business. Which means you need to optimize your website for local search, as well as employ other tactics to make your firm locally visible to those searching for your services. Editor

Great infographic below from with 10 tips for writing content that will boost your website or blog ranking.  SEO is an ever-changing process, so strategies that may have paid off for you a year or two ago no longer apply (i.e., keyword stuffing).  Keep these in mind when you’re creating content for your website or

Local search is becoming increasingly important when trying to improve the ranking for your law firm website on Google and other search engines. After all, someone searching for an attorney in Scottsdale will not care about a lawyer in Scarsdale…and Google knows that. Google is all about delivering relevant search results to its users…hence, the importance of

This recent Mashable infographic demonstrates succinctly how the rules have changed when it comes to good SEO practices:

Good content and good SEO are no longer mutually exclusive entities; today, great content is the engine that drives SEO as far as Google is concerned, and since they are the 800-pound gorilla, anyone not complying is