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I had a comment on one of my Facebook posts the other day saying that, for attorneys, Facebook is a waste of time because you’re just preaching to the choir. The writer said that your friends on Facebook are already your friends in real life, so why waste time on it for business purposes.


7 Steps to Achieve ROI from Social MediaMany law firms continue to struggle with how to accurately measure ROI for social media. However you choose to measure social media, it is imperative that you have a success metric in mind before you begin. Without some sort of benchmark, determining your ROI is impossible.

Here are 7 steps to achieve ROI from your

4 Social Media Truths Every Attorney Should KnowWhenever I am speaking to or with a group of attorneys and the subject turns to social media, most want to know if social media can really do anything for them in terms of bringing them new clients. Before investing their time and/or money, they want to know if social media will deliver real value